Monday, August 15, 2011

One Of A Kind Baby Gifts

One of my relatives recently had a baby, so I decided to make her some gifts.  First, I embroidered a cute ladybug design onto a onesie and burp cloth.  I just love this little ladybug applique!  On another burp cloth, I sewed some coordinating fabric onto the front.

After I finished the onesie and burp cloth set, I started working on a car seat canopy.  These are great for keeping the sun off baby's eyes or the cold from hitting their face when you're out running errands.  Before I began, I found some great instructions from another blog.  "Just Because I Am Me" is a cute blog where you can find sewing tips and recipes.  Click HERE to go directly to the instructions.

Using the instructions from the other blog, I was able to make my very own car seat canopy!  Here it is!

As you can see, mine is a little different in the front.  I altered the measurements a bit and created an opening.  With the front opening, mothers can peek in on their baby without lifting the entire front portion of the canopy.  You can open the canopy a little...(as seen below)

...or a lot (as seen below;).

With all the beautiful fabric prints out there, a car seat canopy is a must have baby item!  
Take care everyone & stay FABULOUS!

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