Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toddlers & Tablecloths!

My two silly daughters are the inspiration behind most of the stuff I sew.  This project is no exception....

Meet Miss "M". 

It's possible that this little stinker might just grow up to be an interior designer.  She has shown quite a bit of interest in household decorating (which is not always a good thing).

 Here she is rearranging the kitchen tablecloth.

 Since we have two toddlers who insist on feeding themselves, it's inevitable that food and milk will end up spilled all over the table.  My valiant attempt to protect the kitchen table backfired when the girls realized that it was funny to pull on tablecloths and send anything on top of it CRASHING to the ground. 
I give you exhibit A...

After just a few tugs, the tablecloth is no longer in it's proper place.  Isn't she setting such a wonderful example for her little sister?  ;)

Here is my little designer, standing proudly next to her covered table.  Too bad her days of rearranging the tablecloth are OVER!  This is one war that I actually won!  I came up with a way to keep the tablecloth ON the table and (of course) it involves my sewing machine.

If you are currently experiencing tablecloth "issues", I will be posting a solution soon!  My very first tutorial will be about how to make a fitted tablecloth.  If you have a house full of kids, you have got to try this project.  It's simple and oh so PRACTICAL!  Stay tuned because in my next blog post, I will show you how to make one:).

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