Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How To Make A Fitted Tablecloth

A while back, I posted about how my silly girls love pulling on the kitchen tablecloth.  You can find that post here.  WELL... I found a solution to the problem and here is how I did it.   Read on to learn how to make your very own fitted tablecloth:).  A friend of mine actually suggested that it's more like a shower cap, but for your table...LOL!

Note:  There are tons of fabric stores that sell beautiful laminated cotton prints, but they are pricey.  Since our kitchen table takes quite a beating, I didn't want to spend too much on fancy fabric.  Instead, I purchased a cute (round) tablecloth that was on sale at Target....YES, this is the "Semi-homemade" way to make a fitted tablecloth:). 

A cute & cheap tablecloth (From WallyWorld or Target)
1 package of 1/4" elastic
sewing machine
safety pin

 STEP 1:
After you have completely unwrapped your new tablecloth, find the edge and fold it over about 1.5" to 2".  Set your machine to a straight stitch and begin sewing.  Be sure to back stitch a few times so that you can lock your stitches in place.

STEP 2:  Continue sewing a 1.5" to 2" seam around the tablecloth. 

Since you're sewing in a circle, it might be difficult to keep the seam allowance even.  Don't worry, because this part will be under the table where no one can see it!  In the picture below you will see that my seams are not exactly perfect:).

STEP 3:  Sew around the tablecloth, but stop and back stitch about 2" from where you began sewing.  You want to leave a small gap to feed the elastic through.

STEP 4:  Open your package of elastic and attach one end to a safety pin.  I used 46" of elastic for my table, but if you want to make this to your specifications, I suggest not cutting the elastic until the very end.

STEP 5:  Feed the elastic and safety pin through the casing that you just made.

When you are done feeding the elastic through the casing, your project should look like this....
 (Top View)
 (Bottom View)

STEP 6:  If you plan on making another tablecloth, secure the elastic by pinning it all together with your safety pin.  I never sew the elastic casing shut because I like to reuse the elastic for other tablecloths when I decide to switch everything out.

Here is my sorry looking table that is just dying to have a splash of color......:(

This table went from drabbb:(... to FABULOUS in less than an hour and for under $7!!! :)  

Enjoy!  If you decide to make your very own fitted tablecloth, please post a pic on my Sew Snazzy Stitches facebook page.  I would LOVE to see how this turned out for you:).
Nap time is OVER, so I have to get going.  Have a FABULOUS day everyone!!!!

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